Black Tea

Kenya remains a leader in the production of some of the world’s finest black teas and is actually the third largest tea producer in the world. In fact, Tea from Kenya has won international acclaim for its taste and aroma.

Whatever your preference might be, we are sure that your will get the satisfaction you are looking for in our various teas. We avail bulk black teas to our partners in the form of PF1, PD and D1.


Whether you are looking for raw macadamia nuts from Kenya, or cashew nuts from Tanzania, or even  groundnuts from Uganda, we will get you the best at the most competitive prices.

All you need to do is identify your needs and let us do the scouting and sourcing for you.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Every time you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables from a trusted and experienced supplier, be sure to check with us.

We supply fresh hass & fuerte avocadoes, passion fruits & mangoes. For vegetables, we supply French beans, snow peas, broccoli, courgettes, carrots, garden peas, salad onions, leeks and cucumber.

Herbs & Spices

We can avail fresh basil, coriander, thyme, parsley, mint and chives, which meet critical compliance requirements in the international market. Locally, we customize our supply depending on the needs of the client.

We can avail fresh or dehydrated herbs and spices to importers and exporters, hotels, supermarkets and grocery chains, food processors or any other client who maybe in need of our products.