Small specialty coffee roasters and importers face numerous challenges in the process of sourcing high quality coffee. In the midst of running a business, it is difficult to allocate time and finances to sourcing the best coffee. Nevertheless, we now have a solution for you. Located in Kenya, home to some of the best coffees in the world; and with the cupping expertise required, we get you the specific coffee you are looking for while matching your profile requirements. 

Below, find our selection of the various coffees that may be a great choice for you depending on your needs and markets.

Specialty Coffee

At Crowd Farm Africa, we pride ourselves on being a truly farm-to-cup coffee company that supplies our clients with amazing specialty coffees while creating not only sustainable but meaningful direct relationships between producers and roasters.

Being a Kenyan based company, we have continuous direct access to some of the most amazing coffee producers who are eager to build long term and mutually beneficial business relationship with roasters from all corners of the globe. Whether you are looking for single estate, single co-op or small but diverse micro-lots, we have you covered.

Our definition of specialty coffee is guided by the Specialty Coffee Association though we strive to have our coffees scoring 86 and above.


At Crowd Farm Africa, we love to create and recreate different coffee profiles for our overseas roasters and green coffee importers. Using our understanding of the different coffee profiles coming from different regions in Kenya, our experienced CQI Q-Graders are able to play around with these different coffees to create smooth, well-balanced tasting coffees, while producing complexity of flavour.

This process is guided by strict specifications, discussions and instructions from our overseas clients including importers, roasters and even baristas.

If you would like to collaborate with us in creating your perfect blend, hit the contact button and reach us out. We will do everything within our power to ensure we exceed your blending expectations.

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Aware that markets and more specifically roasters and importers have different needs and have wide range of clientele including the mass market, we avail green coffee beans (Mostly Arabica) of fair average quality (FAQ) in bulk targeted at this segment of the market.

In strict consultations with roasters and importers, we source the desired coffee beans either from large coffee estates, cooperatives or from the famous Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

When and if the need arises, we are able to source coffee (both Arabica and Robusta) from other East Africa countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi all of which are within our reach and access.

If this sounds interesting to your company’s needs, then you just found yourself a solution through us.

Experimental Coffee

Curiosity and the passion for excellence, differentiation and exploration have seen the specialty coffee industry continuously evolving.

From new coffee varietals being developed, new processing methods being tested, exciting barista competitions being held, or innovative machinery and equipment being launched – there is always something new happening. That is what makes the industry so exciting to be part of.

On our part as CFA, we are continuously creating partnerships between producers and roasters and barista to continuously experiment on new coffee processing methods while keeping cup quality central to our approaches. 

If you are curious like we are, and would like to work with a farmer or cooperative on some experimental processing methods, then look no further.